This year, Heaven gained Myles Munroe and some other great men of God whose ministries have been of tremendous impact to their immediate communities, generations and the globe.

One such is Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere, the founder of Greater Evangelism World Crusade Ministries International, a church which made remarkable strides in spreading the gospel from Rivers state to numerous countries abroad. Amidst much opposition and persecution, many hardships and trials, he took the gospel to the downtrodden, underprivileged, forgotten, sometimes very remote and dangerous communities of the numerous islands and villages of Rivers and Bayelsa States.

He is married to Pastor Dr Nonyem E. Nembere a medical doctor, author and conference speaker and they are blessed with five children all ordained Ministers of the gospel and grand children.

Today, we release a brand new single from one of his children, James Numbere. Do go ahead and download it from the link below and read the note he attached along with it. Apostle G. I remember as kids we would all rush off to arrange the house as soon as we heard his horn at the gate.

He did not like disorder. This is something money could never have bought. It was difficult to write but more difficult to sing through. We all miss him and I hope you gain some encouragement just from listening in…. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Name required.There are about three types of marriages in my culture, the IyaIgwaand Waribiobesime.

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Depending on the families, the ceremony might last for one or two weeks with a series of traditional activities to be done during the weeks. The first ceremony of the wedding is the Boko Baku which means knocking of the door.

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It is generally called the introduction of families or engagement. At the end of this occasion, the groom and his family will be given a list of items to purchase and the amount of money they are expected to spend. The list can be as long as five to ten pages depending on the family. After which the date for the actual wedding will be agreed upon.

Right after that, the bride meets with the special dancers called the Iriawo, they agree on payments and then the family picks the little girl that carries the pot of money which is the bride price. In the Kalabari culture, women receive the bride price on behalf of the family. When that is sorted then, the Iya dance ceremony takes place.

This ceremony seals the union, meaning that divorce is not allowed. Then the Igbe Fingi which is the opening of the box. The big box is opened in public and every item has to be counted.

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There also has to be money in the envelope at the bottom of the box and if any item on the list happens to be missing, it must be paid for in cash at that moment. There are special items on the list and all must be provided, if not, the bride is not allowed to eat. Yes, my husband is Yoruba, so as a guest coming to take a bride, he had to dress in the Kalabari attire. It was after the payment of my bride price that we both could dress in his own traditional attire.

For the bibifeI wore wrapper and gold corals. My bridesmaids AsoEbiBella also joined the cultural mood in their outfits. The beautiful culture of the Kalabari's on display. I Found my Heartbeat on the Set of a Musical! So insightful! A huge thank you to Boma for answering lots of our questions. If you are a Kalabari bride or bride-to-be and want us to know a little more about this culture, please do let us know in the comment section.

Writer for BellaNaija Weddings. When I am not writing, you might just find me with a book, watching a movie or playing with kids. Tomilola Idowu October 16, 0 Comments. So Boma, tell us about the Kalabari Traditional Wedding?A Kalabari song.

He also earned a professional teaching diploma and a Licentiate of the Guildhall Music School. While learning in Britain, he took up with theater and perform as an actor in African movies, then left Britain and returned to Nigeria in He was the only person to firstly awarded music degrees in Nigeria.

He also lectured at the school and other schools in the USA. He returned back to his country where he was given a faculty position in the newly created Music department at the University of Lagos by Jacob Ade Ajayi.

Overtime with experience in musical experimentation, he became one of the few early Nigerian composers to produce successful musical syncretism of African choral works using western forms and techniques with the result generating wide appeal among Africans. I also recommended some beautiful music such as Messiah BabaMi sheet musicOpe lo ye o music sheet and Polongo Jesu sheet music.

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kalabari songs

Create an account. By admin. Must read. Billy Ray Cyrus admin - 0. Read more. The Entertainer sheet music by Scott Joplin Here is a very popular piano music score. The piano score has been written since the year Port harcourt based gospel artist Sandra Praise is here with are online debut single titled Tamuno Boma.

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kalabari songs

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Nimi Jackreece. Introduction It is a common saying that death is something that concerns everybody, partly because sooner or later everyone personally faces it and partly because it brings sense of loss and sorrow to every family and community.

It is no wonder, therefore, that rituals connected with death are usually elaborate. This is not too different from the Kalabari view of death.

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In Kalabari, the type of death a person encounters and the social level of the person greatly determine the type of burial to be accorded the person as all deaths do not carry the same weight; this is so even though death, under any circumstance, entails a final cessation of life and loss to the affected families.

This paper among other issue examines the different categories of death from the one-day-old child to the oldest and their accompanying funeral rites recognized and prescribed by the Kalabari people of Rivers State.

The writer in trying to do this also explains the concept of death, burial and funeral rites Definition of terms and concepts Some five terms are defined in this section.

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This is done with the purpose of indicating the manner of use of these words in this study and to engender a clear application of their employ. In man the definition of death may differ according to culture and legal system 1. Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.

Download IBIKE Music Sheet in PDF – Yoruba Music Sheet

According to Oladejothere are diverse perspectives from which death is looked at and conceived. It is treated as fact of life, a biological fact or a physiological state of cessation of life. It is an inevitable and universal experience which is concurrently uniform and arbitrary. It is uniform in the sense that all human beings go through it.

It is arbitrary in the sense that it does not happen to every person the same way, at the same age or in the same place. It is considered a paradoxical experience, for it is both individualized and a social experience2. More importantly, a dead man is helpless; it is the living that buries the dead. Genesis chapter 3 accounts for how death came into the world through the sin of Adam. Death was decreed upon man due to his disobedience to God. This decree is unchangeable for man throughout his earthly existence.

According to scholars death can be understood through various expressions: -Death is a termination of human existence - Death is a transition 2 Oladejo O.

In other words, burial is the interment of the corpse in a grave. It is not a service of song, a funeral service, a festival or celebration and even a thanksgiving service outing service.

Burial is simply the burying of the corpse deceased for a final disposal in a grave that has been dug for that purpose and covering it up with sand. The purpose is to create a healthy environment by avoiding the problem of pollution5.Kalabari People of Nigeria. Kalabari People also known as Calabar or Calabari they can be found in Nigeria and they are part of the Ijaw Ethnic group, they are also part of the Niger- Congo family branch they traced their origins to Awome and they migrated from the Bini fringes of Ijawland according to Anthropologist they were settlers from the Bini fringes of ijawland from the lineage of Mein Owei.

The name Kalabari originated from the son of the first ancestor of the Kalabari he was called Perebo Kalabari he was the son of their first ancestor called Mein Owei it is said the British referred them as Calabari they mispronouced the word Calabar and later the Ijoid Kalabaris moved to what became the new calabar territory later the old Calabar became an Efik town they founded the Kalabari Kingdom which was a traditional Kingdom it was located in Present day Rivers State the ruler was Amachree I he founded the dynasty of the Amachree dynasty he reigned from his descendant was Amachree Xl who ruled from in the 19th Century the kingdom was a center of a power struggle in the east of the delta, Elem Kalabari fought in a battle against the Nembe Kingdom which share border on the west.

Below are the rulers who reigned and ruled the Kingdom of Kalabari they are. Most of Masks dates back to the early 20 Century and also back to the Kalabari Kingdom the masks include the Hippopotamus masks dates back to it is carved and made up of wood, incrustation and Pigment.

Hippopotamus masks dates back to it is carved and made up of wood, incrustation and Pigment. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

kalabari songs

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The Biography of Martin Opoku Agyemang. The Biography of Ga Adangbe Ambassador. Amachree ll Amachree lll Onunu is prepared by pounding boiled plantain and yam and along with palm oil. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment:.

kalabari songs

Email required Address never made public. Name required.He is articulate, focused and strongly determined to making music his major career combining it with his undergraduate studies at University of Port Harcourt. The vivacious youngster, on Wednesday 3rd of July, had chat with www. Read On. What other genre of music are you into, is it traditional music rapper? But music is my core interest. What course of study are you undertaking at University of Port Harcourt?

If it comes to the type of music that I do, I am not limited as I can do all round genres but I just decided to do Hip Hop and Afro Pop and some indigenous music. So, I am using that to promote my culture and my music. There is no album currently but I am looking forward to creating an album. I have done two songs and I want to do more and add them together to make up an album.

Like they say the beginning is always tough, so for now I am kind of having financial challenge and I believe with time things will get better. When you say you are having financial challenge, is it targeted for any project? Yes, like in terms of musical promotion in Nigeria if you are doing your songs or music it needs promotion and this require money to make it go far and accepted by the public.

So, if you are doing a good song you still need to promote it to go viral and people will know what you are doing. For my family I stay with my father and my mum and we are Christians.

I have a happy home luckily. We are 5 in the family comprising of my father, my mother, me and my two siblings. And my family is a kind of family that loves music.

Did your parents give you support in the beginning as you went into music? As for the support of me doing music professionally, my parents have always been insisting that I should go to school but they are not stopping me from doing music.

But they are concerned about my education and for me to take it serious but that I can still do the music if I want to. Do you have passion for any other thing in life apart from music?

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Apart from music I also love sports and I also love academics that is the reason I am in the university studying. And that is why I am putting everything that I have in making sure that it will all turn out well. So, whatever it is that you are doing out there, just keep believing in doing what you are doing that is positive to promoting development.

As a budding musician who are role models in the musical industry?