Bayliner bowriders are nowhere near as ubiquitous in the UK as they are in the USA — blame the weather, or the relatively exposed coastal waters. No, the new VR6 isn't shaped like a Bayliner bowrider of past years. Nor is it built like one. Longevity There are several reasons the VR6 is better than any previous bowrider from Bayliner. For one thing, the VR6 is an all-fibreglass boat. But after a couple of decades it does tend to degrade, if not rot, and can lead to big problems with expensive fixes.

Rot will never be a problem on the VR6, which is constructed with a foam-filled fibreglass stringer system. Another longevity boost comes from the top, though only if you opt for the Xtreme Tower. The tower integrates a Bimini with forward supports on quick-disconnects, which allows the whole affair to be rolled up and boot-covered against the tower arch. Not only is the design smart, it eliminates those racking Bimini arms that sway back and forth in the wind until one fine day when a support bends or a mount breaks.

Now take a quick walkthrough of the boat, and slap an eyeball on the hatches, latches, windshield, and other components. The backrest lays flat until you swing it up and flip out a Polyboard support, which sits on a fibreglass lip. Same goes for the seating, which adjusts mostly with removable inserts. Is the boat built perfectly? Of course not. Nor am I in love with the plastic latches used on the head compartment doors.

They have a pretty decent life-span, but stainless-steel would last longer. It would, of course, also raise the price, but let's not get ahead of ourselves—more on price, later. Ride and comfort Another reason why the VR6 is better than previous Bayliner bowriders is that its ride is superior.

True, when I ran the boat it was on a calm Tennessee River. But we did have plenty of boat traffic, including a few 30 foot-ish cruisers which were kicking up nice wakes.

And when I saw one coming, I gave it the full-throttle test.My next choice is a Crusers express.

bayliner vs sea ray

Can anyone give me a reason to try and stay with Sea Ray and settle for a different color or style boat rather than go with Cruisers. I have heard that Cruisers makes a nice boat but i don't know if they are on par fit and finish with sea ray. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks, Alan See your other thread.

They close this time of year for a couple of weeks. They just announced a longer shut down. I'm betting on a really looooong shut down. The fit and finish appears to me to be every bit as nice as SR. I don't like their circular forward hatches. There are few who would say they are not on par with Sea Ray and many particularly Cruisers owners who would say they are superior.

Bayliner 175 versus Glastron MX 175 ??

It is certainly a brand anyone comparison shopping in this class should consider. I am a former Sea Ray owner still a huge fan of the brand who spends a lot of time boating with Cruisers owners.

I have spent a lot of time on their boats and the quality has always impressed me. It's also almost 2, lbs. One significant difference in the cockpit layout between the two is the forward port lounger in the Cruisers vs.

It's certainly not at the top of the list for why you should choose one boat over another, but I have found that it is a big item on the personal preference list in this class. The fit and finish on the inside was much better on the Cruisers.

The fit and finish on the outside was much better on the SeaRay. The mechanicals were better on the Cruiser. The ride was better on the Cruiser, but then again the cruisers was a twin engine and the Searay a single. The performance was better on the Cruisers as they have a better chine design. The Searay had parties and tie-ups, the cruisers didn't.

You decide. If I was looking in that range, I would go Cruisers.

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The new is a nice boat however, and is very user friendly, the new design is a tep in the right direction for sure A few requirements for us in our express cruisers have been a seperate shower and an island berth for the master, there's nothing worse than mopping up the head after showers and trying to make a bed that's stuck at an angle in the bow, I know I'd seen a few cruisers in this size that still do the angled berth, what a pita Now when it comes to bridge boats, been on both as well, and SR won out when we purchased thesimply due to an awesome sized galley and two large seperate showers and 3 staterooms.

Not sure if this helps at all, but I would certainly own a cruisers express, however, if it is a concern for you, you may wish to see if they are a cored hull, as I don't think the new SR's are Oh, and I too have heard good things about Cruisers service If you ever get up to Green Bay, take a plant tour, it's pretty cool! Good luck! Cruisers does however take great strides in making sure water doesn't get into the coring such as put "windows" in the coring where all thru hulls are placed as well as where the transducers would be placed.

They also end the coring before the top of the hull and seal it with fiberglass to keep water from intuding from the hull to deck joint.We like the boat a lot. We plan to move to a 40 - 50 foot cruiser diesel only within the next 12 months.

We always said we would buy another Sea Ray, but The Cruiser Yacht line has caught out eye, especially the interiors. They appear to be laid out better than the Sea Rays. We plan to look at a Cruisers Express this weekend. We have been on the Sea Ray and and like both a lot. Please reply with your experience with the Cruiser Yacht line, particularly the Cruisers Express. If you too made the comparison to the Sea Ray cruisers and ended up in a Cruisers yacht, why?

Thanks Greg Regal Twin Horizon 7. The is quite a bit larger than a DA. The model years don't line up as well as they do with the and DA though We have a on one side of us, the newer version, the is on the other side. They're each about the same length, but the is taller. I've driven both of them. They're both Volvo powered with electronic controls. I prefer the galley ans salon of the SeaRay's, and the mid-cabin of the Cruisers.

The cockpits have different layouts. Apparently they're a poor execution of a good idea I was actually going to start a thread about electronic controls. The owner has had trouble with his. I don't like the feel of them and until you can get used to it, the delay they cause will offset the advantage of the diesel torque in close-quarters. The sync is nice though. The has a pronounced stern-heavy attitude. Even with tabs and generous throttle, there was more delay and a LOT more bow-to-the-sky than I'm accustomed to.

To be fair, I'm accustomed to almost none, so I'm not saying it's a slug. The port engine also left a cloud of black smoke when accelerating, so there may have been other factors at work.Log in or Sign up. What's going on at Sea Ray? You need to be registered and signed in to view this content. Joined: Jan 16, Messages: 19 Location: Chicago. Just noticed on Sea Ray's web-site that they have eliminated all but two of their yachts and Sundancers are all that remain.

They have eliminated all of their Sedan Bridges above the And I also know about their release of the new But there seems to be some big gaps in the line-up now. PacBlueNov 12, My gut feeling tells me that Meridian will be the designated Sedan Bridge line, and those other gaps will represent new product opportunities for SR. It has been a struggle ever since, but SR remains the best opportunity for the boating business segment to capture profits. Over time, SR has certainly carried its fair share of non-performers in the Brunswick Boating group Capt JNov 12, Since Brunswick sold the Merritt Island, FL plant to Bertram, they don't have a facility that they can build a large sedan bridge in.

LiamNov 13, Joined: Jan 13, Messages: Location: Malta. They had also a project of 75 euro looking yacht a couple years ago which seems to have never have materialized. Still if Brunswick follows its dealers, IMO with Sea Ray it is missing a boat in cruisers and yachts from 40 to 60 feet.

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The Sundancer has been a very good seller apparently so they know the potential of this market. Marinemax has Azimut in that segment, I know that in some years Azimut sold plus boats a year in US alone, and its sizes always started from feet. PacBlueNov 13, Capt JNov 13, Then where are they going to build the new fly.By taperkJuly 27, in Boat Talk.

Being a relatively new boater I have a question Being that we live in a resort town with a very popular lake that is 32 miles long and 3 miles wide at it's widest part, there are boats from every imaginable manufacturer and every age.

From vintage woodens, "new" made wooden replicas, old fiberglass V-hulls, to brand new of every make But how are boats ranked??? I mean, with cars, for example, you have Chevy's, Fords, Hondas, Toyotas, and Nissans as "average" quality cars.

And then Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini for the "exotics" But how would you rank boats??

bayliner vs sea ray

We are extremely happy with our Sunesta, but defintely are looking for a few years newer and a couple feet longer. My dream boat would be the Chap So, the Xtreme or regular Sunesta would be next.


But again, not in our budget yet. So, we are looking for mid to late models and up and seem to be looking mostly at the 's in both the Sunesta and SSX lines. But a couple friends are saying to look at Sea Rays SunDecks and their similar sized bow riders. Another few are saying Cobalts are better built and higher quality than the Chaps. And I know Bayliners are an entry-level line. But how do they really stack up??? I really don't want to "jump ship" to another manufacturer and end up with something we are not happy with.

Nor do I want to be narrow minded and think that only another Chap will do I think Chapparals are top of the line, what i noticed with Sea Ray owners is they say they are the best and will not switch, So yes Sea ray makes a good product and nice boats but think they are a little over priced. When I was looking for boats last year, I said to my self what brand do I want. Sea Ray, Chapparal, crownline, Cobalt. To me those are highend.Login or Sign Up.

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Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. The interior layout seem similar, just opposite sides for entry, dead rise are 1 degree different and the sea ray is rated to hold one more person than the Bayliner. Of course the Sea Ray appears to have more finishes and fancier.

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Is it just a Chevy vs Denali difference between the boats? Tags: None. As has been true for the past 30 plus years, a Sea Ray is a bit pricy and has more "luxury" and bling. I believe both are made at the same plant located here The dash mounted switches are the same Carling.

Obviously the Mercruiser parts are identical Since Brunswick owns many suppliers, many of their boats have the same or similar parts. Same latches on the compartment doors, same chrome gas tank vent, etc. Present Boat- VR5 4. Comment Post Cancel. Since the edit option eventually goes away, I added more info below in a fresh post The LOA is different for each comparable model The beam is different. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.Privacy Terms.

Skip to content. Quick links. Cobalt vs Sea Ray 26 posts 1 2 Next. I know I'm paying a little more for the Cobalt reputation but would like to see someone refute the Sea Ray construction claims item for item. A little concerning in some respects as I think I'm owning a better boat in most respects. I sort of wonder if they dug up an old hacked up or prototype A25 or some such thing. I know a lot of things on my boat don't much resemble the photos in these pages, and I'm not too concerned after having looked at both a Searay and Cobalt in person.

Sea Ray vs Bayliner

Administrator of the www. I have to say there are many nice details to the Cobalt. It is labeled a and dealer said one of first s off the line.

What is a better 19' bowrider boat Sea Ray or Bayliner?

The gauges are slightly different but not sure any significant differences over the or earlier. Am told the compared to my will be a smoother ride albeit a few mph slower due to hull changes. Will have to see as the was a little longer. In any case I look forward to getting it wet. Only took a brief ride during orientation but it was very complete.

While the SeaRay comparison was the bigger boat I'll have to take a closer look.

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Have not compared a SeaRay up close or on the water. My single biggest complaint so far is that there's no good place left to mount a chartplotter on or above the dash, due the window design and plethora of gauges and buttons. First world problems at their finest Haven't looked for a location yet but think it will work out. Not as good as chart plotter but will serve my purposes. They're certainly good boats, but IMHO, a clear class below in smaller boats.

Without question. This is coming from a guy who was extremely reluctant to sign-on with Cobalt as initially feared I would be paying more for the "brand name" vs the true quality of the boat But seeing hundreds in person and doing months and months of research, talking to dealers, etc.

Honestly, I would put the new Regal bowlders as next man up for the 19 - 24 footers.

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There are other brands like Bryant that I'd say are closer to Cobalt in quality than Searay, which seem a little more like Toyotas than BMWs of the boating world. Thanks for sharing your findings, John. VERY nice interiors and overall quality but they're styling just doesn't do it for me. But agree they're amongst the best few brands for 19 - 25 feet bowlders.

SB BTW, great site, hopefully this takes off! I know they like to compare it to the A25, sorry the R5 is a better comparison, plus the A can also be bought for less then SLX, so the "paying more for a Cobalt" to me isn't even accurate.

Truth be told only the Regal came in a touch lower negligible the Chaparral dealer has walked me out on numerous occasions with minimal discounts guess he thought I wasn't serious, haha 9 boats and 4 jet skis since Bottom line here was I always thought "a Cobalt is too expensive" that's crazy money for the size of the boat relatively speaking, just not true.

bayliner vs sea ray

Shop hard and you will find Cobalt best boat and value per class in the industry, it just isn't even close from my research.